Hey, bySTIMILON Fam!

I'm Sagarika a Small Business Owner. I started my business in 2020 on Instagram and it's been an amazing journey so far. We produce eco-friendly products and support Sustainability. 

All About Me

I'm Sagarika S from India. A fun and energetic person who started this business named "bySTIMILON". The name is very unique as it was gifted to me by my professor. To understand the name you must read it from the backwards "NO LIMITS". It was so amazing that I wanted to name my business the same, hence, its name bySTIMILON.

I have done my MBA and an aspiring person to be a successful Entrepreneur. The journey of my business was started just on a random day to learn Sewing from my Mother. She was so excited to teach me, and all of a sudden I thought to start a business from making Srunchies and started gifting people and later on started to sell as people asked where did I buy them.

I always love to create new things and planning a lot more unique and amazing things for my website and working towards them and will make as many things available for bySTIMILON family.